JavaScript function EnableDisableChekboxes to set constraint of maximum allowed quantity checked checkboxes

There's a common constraint in votes or surveys like "choose no more than 3 items". And it's not a good idead to allow user control the checked items quantity. You can easily set constraint to a quantity of checked checkbox items with JavaScript and jQuery. You can just disable unchecked checkbox items if user checked maximum quantity and enables items again in case of unchecking.

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Console.log() function stops JavaScript executing in Internet Explorer 10

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Strange behavior of console.log() I have noticed when I created a JS code for SharePoint page. My code used jQuery and SPServices library. The code used to get items from a list and render options for "select" control.

Below I post a part of my function which fills a JS array and renders options for "select" control.

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Change table columns order via jQuery

When you have a table which you can’t edit, you think you can’t do anything with it. It may be a result of an outside procedure or web-service (usually it returns data in XML, but html-table also can be).

So, for example, we have a list of Borussia Dortmund players. We know id in list, Name of player, his Lastname and date of birth (Figure  1). (read more...) Notes of web-specialist
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