Migrate managed metadata to new SharePoint farm. Fix cannot bulk load error

Managed metadata is very good and powerful tool in SharePoint. But it has some not very comfortable specialties during migration data from one farm to another, for example, from test environment to productive. You can export your managed metadata from one site and import it into another one. But here's the problem that each termset and term has its own GUID. After you import managed data into the new farm, new GUID’s will be assigned to managed data items.

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Create SharePoint permission set – user can only add list items but don’t see them

The task – create SharePoint list so that users could only add list items but couldn’t see any items, even created by them, and, of course, couldn’t edit or delete them. May be there are some ways to do it, but I found this solution to create new permission set - user can add view site pages, view modal pages, add list items but cannot read and delete any list items. (read more...) Notes of web-specialist
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