My name is Alexey. My position is the Director of software development for SharePoint.

I look for a position with relocation to Western Europe.

I have deep knowledge  in administrative work with SharePoint – from creating a fault-tolerant system on failover cluster, backup and restore SharePoint data (All the processes are described in my disaster recovery plan (DRP)) to development applications, integrated with other IT systems and applications.

Intranet portal not only lives by itself, many people want to have their specific databases in SharePoint. So it’s very important to understand what people want to make on SharePoint. Finding compromises between what people want and what SharePoint (or any other system) can easily do allows to reduce the cost and time on software development.
A lot of routine processes can be optimized with SharePoint Portal. It’s very good for team work with documents, project work. Also you can quickly and easily create, for example, Helpdesk system on your portal  only with built-in SharePoint tools. All this you can have easily only if you or your employees understand your needs. If you don’t have someone like this, I’m that you need.

My Skills:

  • Web master (since 2000) – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Advanced skill with Adobe Photoshop (from CS version);
  • Web developer (since 2002) – PHP, MySQL.  Creating websites: creating client-server application scripts on PHP (with MySQL), clients scripts (JavaScript)  for best  work with screen forms;
  • SharePoint Administrator (since 2010) – introduction SharePoint Portal (on SharePoint 2007 and Project Server 2007) in a big company, creating a fault-tolerant system; migration to SharePoint 2010 in 2012; creating web-parts for SharePoint in Visual Studio; using SharePoint Designer for customizing SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries, creating workflow with SharePoint Designer and in Visual studio (C#,;
  • SharePoint Manager (since 2012) – development SharePoint modules, compilation requirements specification, control of development process.
  • Director of software development for SharePoint (since 2016) - the team manager of developer group for creating applications for SharePoint.

If you have interesting suggestions for my brains for good money – please contact with me. My email is

My profile in LinkedIn:

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