Concatenating NULL value columns in T-SQL

Figure 2. Concatenating after changing CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL to OFF

Concatenating of string columns is not very simple task in T-SQL if you don’t know ANSI standart of it. According to ANSI standart of SQL, concatenating of NULL-value is NULL in the result. It’s not clearly for developer, but it is so.

Let’s see some features for work with concatenating NULL-value columns. For example, I will use tutorial database Northwind and its table Customers. (read more...)

Transact-SQL string functions

This post is about which string functions there are in Transact-SQL. They allow to modify data you have, make custom queries to select records from database tables. To know them is very important for any developer - using string functions is very good way to decrease load from application server without adding it to SQL because string functions on SQL server work very fast. (read more...)

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