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Prepare to install Microsoft SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 Logo

I'm preparing to install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 to machines in the VLAN without access to Internet. All the distibutives of SharePoint ask for prerequisites which must be downloaded and installed. Unfortunately, you should get them by yourself. If you have internet access, than it's not a problem. But if you don't have it?


How to get index of selected option in Select control

It took me some time to get the index of selected value of <select> html control. I tried to use 'attr', but 'prop' should be used for this.


How to reset MySQL root password in Linux console (SSH)

To reset MySQL root password you should log in as root to your Linux server, stop MySQL service, start it without password and permission checks, log in as root without authorization, update password and restart MySQL server. Now more info.


Get records with empty binary items


There's a column Photo with type "Image" in MS SQL table (database – MS SQL Server 2008 R2). The task is to get all the records where Photo is empty. Values of empty images is "0x00000000".


Get only non-repeated items in generic collection List


There is a rather pretty solution how to get all the items from one generic collection (List<T>) which are not presented in the second one.


How to generate and save Connection string in Visual Studio

Figure 3. connectionStrings in web.config

Writing connection string manually is one of the worst things in software development. That's why I always want them to be generated by any tool but not by me. Some times before I have found a way how to generate a connection string creating an .udl file in Windows ( Now I've found a better way.


Queries for a Sybase Administrator

While integration with Sybase server, I had to study some queries. When me and Sybase administrator couldn't understand the reason of error, we have started to look for missed procedures or tables. So, when I had to use some queries to look for tables, view, stored procedures etc.


Create a load test in Visual Studio 2013

Figure 5. Test mix model

Load test allow to understand how many users at once your server and application can process at once. Visual studio 2013 allows you to imitate user action and as robots, so and with human-like behavior.


Create web test in Visual studio 2013

Figure 3. Finishing web test recording

My post yesterday was about how to get to results of load test. Now I realized that I still hadn't posted about how to create web test and load test in Visual Studio 2013. In Visual Studio 2013 Professional it's rather easy to do – you don't need to install add-ons or plugins, everything is already included.


How to save load test results in Visual Studio 2013

Figure 1. "Open and Mange Results" button

When you execute load test in Visual Studio, you may want to see previous results or to move results to another machine if you need to make report. I had to spend some time to look for the buttons to manage results of Load test in Visual Studio 2013.

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