Vagrant offline installation

Vagrant is a cool application for the automation of the development of the virtual machines. It allows to create a VM for VirtualBox in several seconds or minutes, and it's very cool. But rather other you want to use it offline, otherwise you can use AWS or something like that. So I will write down some notes how to use Vagrant images offline.

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Vi shortcuts

I am tired to look for Vi shortcuts, let the copy of this content stay here. Press Esc to start waiting for the command and after that enter the action.

  • $ vi <filename> — Open or edit a file.
  • i — Switch to Insert mode.
  • Esc — Switch to Command mode.
  • :w — Save and continue editing.
  • :wq or ZZ — Save and quit/exit vi.
  • :q! — Quit vi and do not save changes.
  • yy — Yank (copy) a line of text.
  • p — Paste a line of yanked text below the current line.
  • o — Open a new line under the current line.
  • O — Open a new line above the current line.
  • A — Append to the end of the line.
  • a — Append after the cursor’s current position.
  • I — Insert text at the beginning of the current line.
  • b — Go to the beginning of the word.
  • e — Go to the end of the word.
  • x — Delete a single character.
  • dd — Delete an entire line.
  • Xdd — Delete X number of lines.
  • Xyy — Yank X number of lines.
  • G — Go to the last line in a file.
  • XG — Go to line X in a file.
  • gg — Go to the first line in a file.
  • :num — Display the current line’s line number.
  • h — Move left one character.
  • j — Move down one line.
  • k — Move up one line.
  • l — Move right one character.

Fix Gilab runner error: listen_address not defined, metrics & debug endpoints disabled builds=0

The error is:

Configuration loaded builds=0
listen_address not defined, metrics & debug endpoints disabled builds=0
[session_server].listen_address not defined, session endpoints disabled builds=0
In gitlab runners allor “Run untagged jobs: Indicates whether this runner can pick jobs without tags”, set the checkbox correspondingly.

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SharePoint and field called "state"

SharePoint 2016 Logo

Many times I told myself not to work with SharePoint, but it's forever with me 🙂
My colleague asked to help him with a problem with modern lists. There some simple fields, without lookups. But there's an error in displaying items. I spent about an hour to determine the problem - created a copy of the list, removed all items, added items with only 1 filled field. It worked in classic view, but not in modern.

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