The implementation of the buttons with Horisontal Scroll action for Material UI DataGrid

Material UI

If you use a Pro version of Material UI, then you have a tool, how to switch the cells in the DataGrid table. But if you work with a wide table and you just want to make it more comfortable to work with it, there are some tricks for that. The first thing is to 'freeze' the header, so user can collate the column and headers. All the Excel users like this function. And the second thing is to allow user scroll the page if he has a small resolution and he doesn't have touch screen.

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How to return custom date format with localization in TypeScript / JavaScript

Obviously, true developers prefer to return the date in a digital format, for example, '24.01.2024', '24-01-2024' and various combinations of this. But customers often want to work with human dates. In this post you can find how to return the custom localized date and how to use it with a Fluent-UI component DatePicker.

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