Parse SharePoint lookup value with JavaScript and Regular expression

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If you use SharePoint and get data from lists with JavaScript, once you will receive SharePoint lookup value which looks like '34;#Item title'. There is a way to parse this data with Regular expression and to convert it to an object.

I have created a small method to make it easier. In my case I have got values from parent list of employees. My method returns an object with properties 'id' and 'fullname':

Open specific tab on page load with JQuery UI

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I made a simple HTML page with JQuery UI tabs. But the customer asked to give URLs for each tab. I was a bit surprised with it, because I remember only how to make default tab on page load. You can do it with the syntax like this:

$("#tabs").tabs( { selected: x  });

 where 'x' is integer index of tab. So, the task was to determine which tab is requested.

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Embed stream RTMP video in Intranet site SharePoint 2010


Playing stream video is a very popular task in nowadays in companies with wide network. Stream video is supported well with modern browsers, but there are some difficulties with streaming inside networks without direct Internet access and SharePoint 2010 as a portal solution. Of course, SharePoint 2010 is very good, but it is unlikely to become better. But in the current moment I have to work with what I have.

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