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Its's more and more complicated to find information about SharePoint. I don't really know why it's so. That's why I often write down the references and examples. Today I tried to remember how to create a SharePoint list with PNPJS and there's a parameter which template you will use.

The snippet for PNPJS:

spfi.web.lists.add("Forecasts", "Stores the users answers", 100, false, { OnQuickLaunch: false} )

100 - is ID for the Generic List.

Other SharePoint List Template ID are in the table below.

Custom List100GenericListUsing a list gives you the power to share information the way you want with your team members. Create your own list from scratch, add any other columns you need, and add items individually, or bulk edit data with Quick Edit.
Document Library101DocumentLibraryUse a document library to store, organize, sync, and share documents with people. You can use co-authoring, versioning, and check out to work on documents together. With your documents in one place, everybody can get the latest versions whenever they need them. You can also sync your documents to your local computer for offline access.
Survey102SurveyA list of questions which you would like to have people answer. Surveys allow you to quickly create questions and view graphical summaries of the responses.
Links103GenericListA list of web pages or other resources.
Announcements104GenericListA list of news items, statuses and other short bits of information.
Contacts105GenericListA list of people your team works with, like customers or partners. Contacts lists can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook or other compatible programs.
Calendar106GenericListA calendar of upcoming meetings, deadlines or other events. Calendar information can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook or other compatible programs.
Tasks (2010)107GenericListA place for team or personal tasks.
Discussion Board108GenericListA place to have newsgroup-style discussions. Discussion boards make it easy to manage discussion threads and can be configured to require approval for all posts.
Picture Library109DocumentLibraryA place to upload and share pictures.
Data Sources110DocumentLibraryGallery for storing data source definitions
Form Library115DocumentLibraryA place to manage business forms like status reports or purchase orders. Form libraries require a compatible XML editor, such as Microsoft InfoPath
No Code Workflows117DocumentLibraryGallery for storing No Code Workflows
Custom Workflow Process118GenericListCustom Workflow Process tracking list for this web.
Wiki Page Library119DocumentLibraryAn interconnected set of easily editable web pages, which can contain text, images and web parts.
Custom List in Datasheet View120GenericListA blank list which is displayed as a spreadsheet in order to allow easy data entry. You can add your own columns and views. This list type requires a compatible list datasheet ActiveX control, such as the one provided in Microsoft Office.
No Code Public Workflows122DocumentLibraryGallery for storing No Code Public Workflows
Data Connection Library130DocumentLibraryA place where you can easily share files that contain information about external data connections.
Workflow History140GenericListThis list is used by SharePoint to store the history events for workflow instances.
Project Tasks150GenericListA place for team or personal tasks. Project tasks lists provide a Gantt Chart view and can be opened by Microsoft Project or other compatible programs.
Promoted Links170GenericListUse this list to display a set of link actions in a tile based visual layout.
Tasks171GenericListA place for team or personal tasks.
Maintenance Log Library Template175DocumentLibraryList Template that creates a document library for site collection maintenance logs
Status List432GenericListA place to track and display a set of goals. Colored icons display the degree to which the goals have been achieved.
Report Library433DocumentLibraryA place where you can easily create and manage web pages and documents to track metrics, goals and business intelligence information.
Persistent Storage List for MySite Published Feed544GenericListMySite MicroFeed Persistent Storage List
External List600GenericListCreate an external list to view the data in an External Content Type.
Asset Library851DocumentLibraryA place to share, browse and manage rich media assets, like image, audio and video files.
Issue Tracking1100IssueA list of issues or problems associated with a project or item. You can assign, prioritize and track issue status.
Draft Apps1230GenericListList to references of Apps currently under development on the site
Access App3100DocumentLibraryThe Access web app is an easy-to-use tool for quickly creating browser-based database applications that help you run your business. With rich templates and a simple interface, you can create custom apps fast without being a developer and share your secured data and control with your team more easily. An Access web app is a new type of database that you build in Access, then use and share with others as a SharePoint app in a web browser. To build an app, you just select the type of data you want to track (contacts, tasks, projects, and so on). Access creates the database structure, complete with views that let you add and edit data. Navigation and basic commands are built-in, so you can start using your app right away. When you use an Access web app, your data is automatically stored in a SQL database, so it is more secure than ever and it allows for added reliability, scalability, and long-term manageability. Access web apps can now be easily managed and monitored through a company SharePoint site in a browser. This enables multi-user accessibility and the permissions control expected from SharePoint along with visibility on app usage. You can utilize existing app templates and table templates to quickly get started building an Access web app. These templates have an attractive, easy-to-use interface and consistent user experience that can grow with your business. Access deals with the code that creates this professional look and feel. You will have a new app running in minutes!
Converted Forms10102DocumentLibraryList of user browser-enabled form templates on this site collection.