Virus like ‘Windows defender’ in Germany

Recently I met a new kind of screen locker while browsing. I could see it with Chrome and Edge in Windows 11. It opens a window which looks like a Windows defender and tells you to call to a number of the support. Of course, you will just pay too much for this call and that’s all. But it’s not easy to close this window. I will write how to do it.


How to find and use FluentUI Icons in SPFX applications

SharePoint 2016 Logo

Icons make a better view to any application. And for a developer it’s always a problem to find how to use Icons and especially where to find them. If you work with SharePoint Online solutions, this will help you (and also me) to find a place of icons and how to use them. As far as I often work with FluentUI, the post is about it.

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