Fix the error Transaction log for database ‘SP19_Config’ is full due to LOG_BACKUP

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When I executed Update-SPSolution command in PowerShell  to update  one of WSP-solutions, I got the error, that 'LOG_BACKUP' is full "Update-SPSolution : Das Transaktionsprotokoll für die 'SP19_Config'-Datenbank ist aufgrund von 'LOG_BACKUP' voll". In English versions of SharePoint the text of the error can be like this "The transaction log for database ‘SP19_Config’ is full due to LOG_BACKUP".


Nice way to store Connection strings for external databases in Secure Store SharePoint 2019

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How to store credentials? It’s always a question because nobody wants to demonstrate the passwords, neither for the databases, nor for web services or anything else. SharePoint has a built-in tool to store a sensitive data – technical user accounts, databases or any data like this.  Here is how to create variables in the secure store.

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