Create list item and add data to SharePoint 2019 lists via REST C#

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Once I tried to make the application to migrate a custom data source from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019 on-premise. To make it easier, I decided to make to separate solutions – the first one to export the data from SharePoint 2010 from the list to JSON and attachments to local folder(CSOM for SharePoint 2010 sucks) and the utility to import data to SharePoint 2019 via REST.

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Git. How to add external repository to your project

If you work with external developers and you often have to get the code from them, it's not very good to transfer it with dropbox or something like that. You want to achieve it, view changes, make tests and build it. It's why CI/CD is made for. At first you should add external repository to your project and to automate the process of getting new builds. Here's how to do it.

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Main Git (Github, Gitlab) rules

I can't imagine the development process without Git. It's not only to store the source code, but to work and to live with it. If you can't use Git, you can't take part in modern development. It's not very difficult, may be it's even easy. But you should know some recommendations to avoid mistakes and to make your work more efficient.

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C# Convert Char to Int

Once again I decided to make a new task from LeetCode and finally my process had been stopped. I could not convert Char to Int. I even spent some time for research, but I could not find any solution. Then I open the documentation and started to read.

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Allow CORS in Net Core application

It's not for production, but for developer environments

Add the block below to Program.cs. I talk about Net Core 5 or Net Core 6 application.

 // global cors policy
            app.UseCors(x => x
                .SetIsOriginAllowed(origin => true) // allow any origin
                .AllowCredentials()); // allow credentials Notes of web-specialist
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