Add the application as a service at Windows Server

You can add the service with PowerShell. New-Service and Get-service are available in PowerShell 5, for 'Remove-Service' PowerShell >= 6 required. Otherwise you can use 'sc.exe DELETE MyMegaServiceApplication'. You should execute it with as an administrator. Not any application you can start a service. As a .Net developer, I usually create .Net solutions, in this case you should create application based on 'worker service' template in VS 2022 or any other IDE.


Fishing a-la 'Deutsche Post' in Germany from Canada

Paper mail is very popular in Germany. People send the letters if they need to do it or even if they don’t need one. To send the letter costs from 0,85 € cents to 2.75€ and it depends on the size of the letter.

Today I’ve got the sms «Ihr Paket DE14127482 wird im Zollzentrum aufbewahrt. Bitte aktualisieren Sie Ihre Informationen :».

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