Fishing a-la 'Deutsche Post' in Germany from Canada

Paper mail is very popular in Germany. People send the letters if they need to do it or even if they don’t need one. To send the letter costs from 0,85 € cents to 2.75€ and it depends on the size of the letter.

Today I’ve got the sms «Ihr Paket DE14127482 wird im Zollzentrum aufbewahrt. Bitte aktualisieren Sie Ihre Informationen : germany-delivery-post.com».

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Allow CORS in Net Core application

It's not for production, but for developer environments

Add the block below to Program.cs. I talk about Net Core 5 or Net Core 6 application.

 // global cors policy
            app.UseCors(x => x
                .SetIsOriginAllowed(origin => true) // allow any origin
                .AllowCredentials()); // allow credentials

First and last day in month

While coding a solution to parse billings I needed to find first and last days in month. The first day is easy - just set "01" for day. But for last day there is nice solution, hope it'll help you

   DateTime today = DateTime.Today;
   DateTime endOfMonth = new DateTime(today.Year, today.Month, 1).AddMonths(1).AddDays(-1);


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