Paper mail is very popular in Germany. People send the letters if they need to do it or even if they don’t need one. To send the letter costs from 0,85 € cents to 2.75€ and it depends on the size of the letter.

Today I’ve got the sms «Ihr Paket DE14127482 wird im Zollzentrum aufbewahrt. Bitte aktualisieren Sie Ihre Informationen :». doesn’t look like the URL of Deutsche post. I decided to look at the Whois service, who’s the owner of this domain. There I should pay for the letter sending.

With whois service at I found the date of the registration and the country of the owner, personal information is hidden.

How can it be that the service is from Germany, but the owner of the domain is from Canada? The domain was bought a week ago!!!  

I wonder why Google doesn't block the owners of the domains like this.