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I have been creating applications in the environment .Net (C#), interacting with databases (MS SQL, PostgreSQL), web services of other systems (Rest, WebAPI), frontend applications using (Javascript- React, jQuery, Bootstrap) for many years. The Full stack engineer vacancy requires knowledge and experience of working with .Net Core, React, SQL and experience of working with web applications, and this is what I am well versed in. These skills allowed me to make a career at my previous jobs, and I am sure that I can be useful to your company.

I have been working at Gazprombank for the last 15 years. My career was very successful: I started as an ordinary programmer and made the way to the head of the department. In addition to the development itself, I also took part in the automation of both work processes and development automation processes.

I developed applications for the internal portal on SharePoint 2019 and applications on the Net Framework 4.5 and Net Core 5 platform that interact with MS SQL databases, as well as integrated with third-party applications via web services. The main application I was working with was an employee help system. It collected information about employees from several systems with varying regularity, processed and provided access to it depending on the role.

In addition, recently I have significantly improved my qualifications by exploring the possibilities of the new version.Net Core and the basic principles of working with NoSQL databases. Now I am completing the DevOps engineer course, the program of which will improve my knowledge of automation of development processes, and this will reduce development time and improve the quality of applications.

If you have an opened position and you are interested in cooperation with me, let's connect with my LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksei-beliaev/

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