SharePoint and field called "state"

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Many times I told myself not to work with SharePoint, but it's forever with me 🙂
My colleague asked to help him with a problem with modern lists. There some simple fields, without lookups. But there's an error in displaying items. I spent about an hour to determine the problem - created a copy of the list, removed all items, added items with only 1 filled field. It worked in classic view, but not in modern.

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Enable and disable SharePoint alerts via PowerShell

For a massive update of a SharePoint list items I didn't want users, who subscribed for alerts about changes in the SharePoint list, got the messages about it. There were 2 ways to do it: 1 - temporary to disable SMTP server (change SMTP settings to wrong ones) and delete files from Queue folder after; 2 – temporary to disable alerts for a list. This story is about the second way.

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