In my application I had rendered JSON data with AngularJS and I had to send it to a controller in my MVC application to render PDF file and to allow a user to save it. So, the task was dynamically to submit the request, render a file and allow user to save it.

As soon as I generated the data to send in AngularJS, I wanted to use POST request. But in AngularJS I didn't find how to do it without Ajax, that's why I found a workaround. I don't even know, may be it's not a workaround but the solution. I still use it in my projects. I send Ajax POST request to a method which renders my content, and it returns me a JSON with my parameters.

For submitting data, add this code to JS:

		type: 'POST',
		url: '/ImportExport/ExportPDF',
		data: { 'data': qsend },
		success: function (res) {
			window.location = '/ImportExport/DownloadPDF?fileGuid=' + res.FileGuid 
							  + '&filename=' + res.FileName;
		failure: function(errMsg) {

To render PDF files I prefer OpenHtmlToPdf package. You can add it to your project from Nuget, in Package Manager Console enter this command:
Install-Package OpenHtmlToPdf -Version 1.12.0

Add "using OpenHtmlToPdf;" to controller code.

In your controller you have to create two methods. One of the methods renders the file and saves it to a temporary data storage, the second one gets rendered data from temp storage and returns it in the appropriate MIME type or format.

        public virtual ActionResult DownloadPDF(string fileGuid, string fileName)
            if (TempData[fileGuid] != null)
                byte[] data = TempData[fileGuid] as byte[];
                return File(data, "application/pdf", fileName);
                // Problem - Log the error, generate a blank file,
                //           redirect to another controller action - whatever fits with your application
                return new EmptyResult();

The second method in controller must render PDF file content and to store it in TempData.

        public ActionResult ExportPDF(string data)
		//This handle (guid) will be used to connect with the  TempData[] 
            string handle = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
            List<BossEmployee> be = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<BossEmployee>>(data);
            string htmlText = String.Format(@"
<h1>Export to pdf</h1><p>Here is the text to be exported to PDF</p>");
            string html = htmlText;
            using (MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream())
                var pdf = Pdf
                .WithGlobalSetting("orientation", "Landscape")
                .WithObjectSetting("web.defaultEncoding", "utf-8")
                TempData[handle] = pdf;

            // Return both as a filename so and the handle
            return new JsonResult()
                Data = new { FileGuid = handle, FileName = "TestReportOutput.pdf" }

If a user clicks on a button "Make PDF" or something like this, PDF file will be downloaded to his or her computer.