Don’t use ID in query string for SharePoint applications

Once one friend of mine was making s SharePoint web-part with a lot of available filters. He couldn’t make it with only list so webPart was the only way.

So, he often got an error but he couldn’t understand its reason. The error was like this:


Drawing 1. error in SharePoint page with webpart

Drawing 1. error in SharePoint page with webpart

It was very interesting to know the reason of the error. As it turned out, if you use "ID" key in QueryString you have this error. It’s unbelievable but it’s true. Me and my friend were about to go crazy – neither error-logs, nor compilation errors.

So using key "ID" makes errors in your SharePoint application. Don’t use it. Instead you should use "aid", "cid", "uid" or anything else – all other words are workable. Or maybe I still haven’t found another awful word.


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