Convert Sandboxed Solution to Farm Solution in SharePoint

Once when I started to work over the project which used about 30 SharePoint Lists and their data should be displayed on some interfaces, I decided to use Sandboxed solution. When I started Visual studio and began to write code, everything was fine. No restarting IIS after deploying, I could easily press F5 and not to wait for restarting application pool in 1 or 2 minutes. (read more...)

Create SharePoint permission set – user can only add list items but don’t see them

The task – create SharePoint list so that users could only add list items but couldn’t see any items, even created by them, and, of course, couldn’t edit or delete them. May be there are some ways to do it, but I found this solution to create new permission set - user can add view site pages, view modal pages, add list items but cannot read and delete any list items. (read more...)

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