Vagrant is a cool application for the automation of the development of the virtual machines. It allows to create a VM for VirtualBox in several seconds or minutes, and it's very cool. But rather other you want to use it offline, otherwise you can use AWS or something like that. So I will write down some notes how to use Vagrant images offline.

To download a file you have to add version and provider in the URL. For example for downloading trusty64 you need its URL which is
then you have to add version and provider afterwards, for our example the download URL would be.

Then you have to add it locally from your vagrant file.

To add it locally to vagrant file use the following commands in console:

vagrant box add foo-box /path/to/
vagrant init foo-box
vagrant up

And one more note about default password. According to the Vagrant documentation, there is usually a default password for the user vagrant which is vagrant.

Have a good devops 🙂