You can add the service with PowerShell. New-Service and Get-service are available in PowerShell 5, for 'Remove-Service' PowerShell >= 6 required. Otherwise you can use 'sc.exe DELETE MyMegaServiceApplication'. You should execute it with as an administrator. Not any application you can start a service. As a .Net developer, I usually create .Net solutions, in this case you should create application based on 'worker service' template in VS 2022 or any other IDE.

Add and start the service
$xellasrv = New-Service -Name MyMegaServiceApplication -BinaryPathName "C:\Tools\MyMegaServiceApplication\MyMegaServiceApplication.exe" -Description "MyMegaServiceApplication Worker Service" -DisplayName "MyMegaQueueClient Worker Service" -StartupType Automatic

Start the service (service already exists)
$xellasrv = get-service -Name MyMegaServiceApplication

Stop the service
$xellasrv = get-service -Name MyMegaServiceApplication

Remove the service
Remove-Service MyMegaServiceApplication

If you don't have Powershell 6 or greater, then you can use 'sc.exe' to remove the service.
sc.exe DELETE MyMegaServiceApplication

Have a good coding!