RestAPI to get Properties of SharePoint image

You can get properties of an image from SharePoint library with RestAPI

The request looks like this:'/sites/Euro2024/bestboat/VoteLib/Team2/Regal.jpg')/Properties

The result is XML from which you should extract the values you want to use.

SharePoint and field called "state"

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Many times I told myself not to work with SharePoint, but it's forever with me 🙂
My colleague asked to help him with a problem with modern lists. There some simple fields, without lookups. But there's an error in displaying items. I spent about an hour to determine the problem - created a copy of the list, removed all items, added items with only 1 filled field. It worked in classic view, but not in modern.

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Create list item and add data to SharePoint 2019 lists via REST C#

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Once I tried to make the application to migrate a custom data source from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019 on-premise. To make it easier, I decided to make to separate solutions – the first one to export the data from SharePoint 2010 from the list to JSON and attachments to local folder(CSOM for SharePoint 2010 sucks) and the utility to import data to SharePoint 2019 via REST.

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Parse SharePoint lookup value with JavaScript and Regular expression

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If you use SharePoint and get data from lists with JavaScript, once you will receive SharePoint lookup value which looks like '34;#Item title'. There is a way to parse this data with Regular expression and to convert it to an object.

I have created a small method to make it easier. In my case I have got values from parent list of employees. My method returns an object with properties 'id' and 'fullname': Notes of web-specialist
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